Becoming an Ally

Welcome to the BridgeBuilders' Ally training page. Here you will find everything you need to be prepared and matched with one of our WORK program students. 

  1. Watch the 10-minute video below for an overview of the ally program and so "do's and don't" of being an ally. 
  2. Review the Ally Handbook. The handbook emphasizes the video and lays out in more detail some ideas for how to start conversations with your student.
  3. Submit online application below. 
  4. Participate in a brief phone interview with WORK team.
  5. Get matched with a student and become an ally! 

Ally Profile form

Name *
Doctrinal Commitment
Please read the Nicene Creed ( Do you affirm all of these statements?
If there is an area that you do not agree with, please write out those areas and briefly explain why.
Are you a member of a church? *
Do you serve in a ministry at your church?
Have you ever had a drug, alcohol, or any other addiction?
Will you seek to guard your Christian testimony & the testimony of BridgeBuilders by abstaining from any action or activity that would cause others to stumble?
Are you married?
Do you have any children?
When are you available to start?
When are you available to start?