S. MICHAEL CRAVEN, President of BridgeBuilders

Through a long and often painful process, the Lord led Michael to follow him out of a successful career as a corporate CEO into vocational ministry in 2001. Michael would go on to found the Center for Christ & Culture where he worked for more than fourteen years, challenging the spiritual apathy and theological vacuity of the church through serious research, writing, teaching and speaking. His thoughtful commentaries on the intersection of faith and culture reached more than two million readers each week through syndication on Crosswalk.com, Christianity.com, The Christian Post and numerous other media outlets.

In addition to Michael’s weekly commentaries and thoughtful essays, he published his critically acclaimed book, Uncompromised Faith: Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity (click to purchase on Amazon) with NavPress in 2009. Uncompromised Faith has been used to help countless Christians experience freedom from the prevailing cultural influences that have diminished the magnitude and power of God’s life-giving grace in the late 20th Century American context.

Michael has appeared as a public Christian intellectual at numerous universities, including UC Berkeley, and various national media outlets such as NBC, Fox News, and CNN, on matters ranging from same-sex marriage to free market economics.

Today, Michael leads the ministry of BridgeBuilders where he continues to challenge the church to think and act Christianly on matters of poverty, urban missions, and the church’s ultimate mission and purpose. Michael also serves as a paid contributor to the Acton Institute, a leading think-tank whose mission is to promote a free and virtuous society characterized by individual liberty that is sustained by religious principles.

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Watch a sample of Michael's teaching, taken from the 2017 Mike Fechner Memorial Banquet.