Maxine's Story

 I want you to meet Maxine and hear her story of transformation that your gifts make possible

A woman in her fifties, Maxine is typical of the many men and women that walk through our doors looking for help. Her criminal record began in the 70’s with her first drug conviction, followed by a litany of offenses ranging from multiple counts of prostitution and forgery, to vehicular homicide. 

In her admissions interview, she spoke of her past as something that had happened to her and not something for which she was actually responsible. One look at Maxine and you could instantly see that life had not been kind to this woman and that with little or no work history, Maxine’s prospects for a brighter future looked pretty grim. 

Because of support from YOU, Maxine did have one prospect...the BridgeBuilders WORK program.

At BridgeBuilders our WORK readiness program teaches our students how their alienation from God, self, others, and creation has adversely impacted their ability to flourish. For many, the chaos and trouble that has characterized their lives finally receives an explanation, helping many to see—for the first time—how their choices have hindered their efforts to thrive. 

Your year-end gift helps us raise the $500,000 we need to continue providing ministry to students like Maxine. 

And let me tell you about the transformation that we saw in Maxine! We all watched as she began to change and on the day of graduation, those changes in her life were made public for all to see. You see, our students always share a testimony of their experience with BridgeBuilders and Maxine said something that made me weep with joy! She said, “I used to think that all my problems were other people’s fault, but I now see that they were mine!” 

This is the essential breakthrough for every sinner; the acknowledgement of our sin before God! Maxine was, by God’s grace, making confession and her next words would reveal that her hope was placed in Christ by saying, “But, I know now that I am the daughter of a King!” 


As you can see; our “life skills and job training” program is doing so much more than preparing people to obtain and succeed on the job, it’s preparing them for eternity! 

Without your financial support we cannot continue to serve people like Maxine! As a financial supporter of BridgeBuilders, you make this transformation possible, not just of a person’s work ethic, but of their entire worldview! You are helping to bring about real transformation through the gospel of Jesus Christ! 

I am asking you to consider giving a year-end gift to this important mission for the poor in our city. Your gift is vital, and will enable us to serve many more like Maxine in the coming year. 

As always, we are so grateful for you and your support of BridgeBuilders! 

In Christ, 
S. Michael Craven 

P.S. Our goal for year-end giving is to raise $500,000. Reaching this goal would mean we enter 2017 in good financial standing, empowering our programs and workers to continue their ministry, making poverty history in our city. Please join us in reaching this goal, we will keep you posted of our progress!