Becoming an Urban Missionary

Welcome to BridgeBuilders! Our team is so excited that you are considering answering God's call to serve in the great harvest of the urban poor. Before you begin the process, please take some time to review the qualifications and responsibilities we expect from an urban missionary. We'd also encourage you to look at the Urban Missionary FAQ page that might give you more insight into the program. 

The Application & Interview Process

Step 1: Upload Resume & Submit Application 

Step 2: Complete Theological Survey & Submit Letters of Recommendation 

Step 3: Interview with BridgeBuilders' team. Set up interview with your pastor. 

The Fundraising & Training Process

Step 1: Begin developing your Ministry Partners for fundraising and prayer. 

Step 2: Begin missionary training. 

Step 3: Deploy to residency with current urban missionaries. Scout for desired neighborhood to be planted in.

Launching & Planting Process

Step 1: Locate desired neighborhood to be planted in. 

Step 2: 

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