New Media Coordinator

PURPOSE: The purpose of the Marketing and Communication Specialist is to provide support to the Director of Communication, specifically in the areas of new media and graphic design, as well as day-to-day administrative support. The ideal candidate is immersed in social media and can bring that knowledge and passion to BridgeBuilders. Content creation will be a large portion of the position, mostly for digital media, with occasional print work. At the core, this position is about creativity and the ability to share via new media.

COMMITTED TO THE MISSION: Candidate must be in agreement with the statement of faith and mission statement of BridgeBuilders. This is a ministry, but likely not like any the candidate has been associated. The ideal person is passionate about ministering through communications. Be comfortable with your faith being stretched and open to growth.

1.     Prompt with work, must be able to manage working with deadlines
2.     Creative
3.     Flexible with change
4.     Comfortable in diverse environment
5.     Ability to manage occasional shifts in work hours and locations

1.     Social Media-phile. Must enjoy social media, understand engaging content, how to reach social audiences, ability to adapt with changing nature of social networks.
2.     Adobe Creative Cloud: Illustrator and Photoshop expertise. InDesign and Premiere (or Final Cut) preferred.
3.     Strong understanding of design principles: color, font families, document types, etc.
4.     Basic photography skills
5.     Ability to manage light administrative duties
6.     Basic writing skills
7.     Proficient on Microsoft Office

BridgeBuilders is seeking a person at entry-level who is highly creative and wants to use that creativity to build the kingdom of God. While this position is not “front lines,” it is a front lines ministry and you have to feel called to minister through your work as a communicator.

It’s not enough to just know how to do new media, in order to be on the front end of a constantly changing media, you have to be passionate about it and enjoy it. This person also needs to be creative, able to produce engaging photos and graphics.

The position will include some light administrative duties as well.

Interested parties can send resume and design samples to JJ Hulet –