Christmas in Bonton, Part 1

An important announcement about Christmas in Bonton 

As we have grown over the years in our understanding of poverty and effective poverty alleviation, one essential principle rises to the forefront: Never undermine the dignity of the human person by treating them as objects of charity!
To that end, we have been implementing incremental changes over the last several years in effort to modify some of our programs and initiatives that we realized were violating this important principle. You may have noticed that we stopped offering clothing giveaways on Christmas Day or that we limited the recipients of our “I Got Your Back” campaign to those families whose children earn these supplies through their participation in our After-School Program. These changes and many others like them have been necessary to Making Poverty History in a community diminished by a culture of entitlement and dependency.
So, this year we are implementing the final changes to Christmas Day in Bonton that have been in process for several years. I know that for many of you this has been a longstanding and cherished tradition. Rest assured: You will still be able to serve our brothers and sisters in Bonton during the Christmas season. We just want to ensure that we do so in a way that upholds their dignity, discourages dependency, and does not hinder the reception of the gospel.
To begin with, Christmas in Bonton will take place on December 16, 2017 so families in Bonton will be able to provide Christmas for their families at home on Christmas Day, rather than waiting in long lines.
Over the next several weeks we will be communicating more details and specifics about volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help. Please know how much we appreciate all your hard work and support during these many years and I invite you to continue serving in new ways that elevate the needs of those we serve for the glory of our Lord.
Yours in Christ,
 S. Michael Craven