Elmer, Anthony, and Paul

You may know that we have a BridgeBuilders WORK Life Skills and Employment Training program (We just graduated class number 50!). The fact is, there are a lot of work training programs in our city, but none that address the issue of poverty the way that we do at BridgeBuilders. 

You see, “Life Skills Training” doesn’t even begin to tell the story of the students who walk through our doors. Our students come from a tremendous diversity of backgrounds. Students like Anthony and Paul, two recent graduates. 

Anthony and Paul were selling drugs in their apartment complex when Elmer, a former BridgeBuilders student, waded in among them. Elmer admonished these men to give up this foolishness and go to BridgeBuilders, telling them: “It will save your life!” 

So, Anthony, a former gang leader and ex-felon reluctantly agreed and Paul joined him— both skeptical of yet another “job training” program. 

I spoke with Anthony and Paul on the day of their graduation and they wept as they shared with me how God had used BridgeBuilders to rescue them. You see, on the night Anthony encountered Elmer, he was planning to get a gun and take revenge on a rival. It was Elmer’s providential intervention that stopped him. 

At BridgeBuilders not only did Anthony and Paul receive life skills and job training, more importantly they learned how their own thinking had enslaved them to a pattern of destructive choices. They learned that by following Jesus and renewing their minds through God’s Word they could form new ways of thinking that would not only free them from their past but give them a new future. 

What our students experience is so much more than “life skills”; it is a full-on assault against the destructive lifestyle and worldview that enslave so many! And beyond merely training people, our WORK team has secured full-time employment for over 82% of our graduates. 

This is where we need your help! In order to continue providing the life-saving services we provide to the poor, destitute and hopeless, we need your financial support.

Each and every gift is appreciated and will help us continue to confront our students with the only Truth that can change their life, through the power of the gospel of the Jesus. And not only that, they can go to work, a necessity in breaking the cycle of poverty!