Closing the achievement gap

A couple days ago the Plano Star Courier published a great article about the achievement gap (Read it here). The main discussion point is the regression that occurs while young students are out of school for the summer. 

One portion jumps out for us at BridgeBuilders: 
"A two-month regression disproportionately impacts low-income families compared to middle-income and affluent families. And when students regress during the summer, come the first day of schools, some classmates progress while other fall behind."

Simply put, students in low-income households are even more susceptible to the effects of the summer achievement gap. This is why we run BridgeBuilders KIDS Camps throughout the summer.

Through the dog days, dozens of students, many of whom participate in our After-School Program during the school year, are getting exponentially more than the 10 minutes of recommended engaged learning mentioned in the article.

Check out a few photos below from a recent trip to the Microsoft STEM Lab at North Park Mall.