Things not go how you planned? too.

Do you win every battle you take on? Does every project turn out exactly the way you want? Ever have to “wait and see” how something turns out?...

Well, us too.

Earlier this summer we told you about three recent graduates of the BridgeBuilders WORK program: Elmer, Anthony, and Paul. 

Elmer, after completing the BridgeBuilders WORK Lifeskills and Employment Training, stepped in to stop a drug deal Anthony and Paul were involved with, urging them to go to BridgeBuilders. “It will save your life,” Elmer told them.
Fast forward a few months and we are simultaneously delighted and saddened that two of those three are still fighting to stay on the straight and narrow.
One student is employed and remains engaged with us at BridgeBuilders, another has an interview for a job today! The third seems to have returned to his old lifestyle.
Isn’t that real life though? You truly win some battles and lose some, and we at BridgeBuilders are no exception.
But let me be very clear…we will not stop fighting for the poor in our city!!
We will not get discouraged when we don’t win every battle. We will continue Making Poverty History every day, taking every person who walks through our doors, confronting their spiritual needs and their material realities.
Like so many of you, we crank up school this month! The next BridgeBuilders WORK Training begins this Monday, August 7. Will you partner with us in three ways?

  1. Will you pray for these three students, especially the graduate who is still fighting for a job, interviewing today?
  2. Will you pray for the upcoming WORK class? Pray that over the next few days hearts would be softened, so on day one they will be ready to grow.
  3. Will you partner with us financially this fall? We need your gift to continue providing this life-changing, and life-saving, program. Click here or on the button below.

I am so thankful for every prayer and every gift, they sustain us both spiritually and materially. Thank you for Making Poverty History!
S. Michael Craven