BridgeBuilders accepted in prestigious Communities Foundation of Texas Working Families Success Model Cohort for the 2nd time

Julie Busse, Assistant Director of the WORK Program

Julie Busse, Assistant Director of the WORK Program

BridgeBuilders is one of only nine community organizations in DFW accepted into the exclusive Communities Foundation Cohort Program, which provides training and capacity building support. This three-year commitment and investment includes training in financial coaching for our WORK Program staff members, continued process and data-collection improvement, and improved evaluation processes.

Communities Foundation of Texas describes the Cohort’s goal as “helping families achieve lasting economic outcomes, including increased income, improved credit scores, a reduction of debt and the generation of wealth for their clients and their communities.”

As part of our WORK program, we offer three proven services that are designed to help low-income individuals access much-needed support. These services include employment services, financial coaching, and income support. Research finds that individuals who receive all three of these services had the highest job placement rates as well as the highest job retention rates—74% and a 78% respectively. Further, clients who received both financial coaching and employment services had a much higher net income increase than those only receiving financial or income support counseling.

If you’d like to see the WORK program in action, please click here to schedule a tour.