Healthier Future on the Horizon for Bonton

2018-11-14-6D-IMG_7285 copy.jpg

The Bonton Health Fair held at Turner Courts Gym November 14, 2018, launched BridgeBuilders long-term diabetes management program in conjunction with The Root Cause and Bonton Farms.

 Low-income communities around the nation, including South Dallas, often fight the silent enemy of diabetes. Residents may lack resources for routine health screenings as well as access to nutritious options for meal preparation. These realities leave many susceptible to this harmful disease.

 BridgeBuilders, The Root Cause, and Bonton Farms joined forces to host the Bonton Health Fair as a positive step toward overcoming these challenging realities. Diabetes screening, educational materials, and medical consultation were made available to residents through the financial gifts of generous donors. There was a great response with many residents participating in the event and learning how to make healthier lifestyles a reality. Those diagnosed with diabetes are eligible to participate in the diabetes management program offered by The Root Cause in partnership with BridgeBuilders. Bonton Farms will be a valuable source of nutritious options for produce and groceries to those patients as well as the entire community.

 BridgeBuilders is committed to caring for the residents of Bonton in every way: spiritually, emotionally, materially, and physically. The stewardship of our physical health is a spiritual matter that shouldn’t be limited because of our zip code. We are grateful to the donors and partners that made this successful event possible!