Texas Capital Bank expands their Partnership with BridgeBuilders

Richard with his final graduating class

Richard with his final graduating class


Ever since Richard Mauldin walked through our doors seven years ago, Texas Capital Bank has been a valuable partner in Making Poverty History.

Texas Capital Bank has a strong commitment to helping communities prosper. They do this by reinvesting in the communities they serve and by supporting programs such as BridgeBuilders that offer adult and financial literacy training in poor communities. To help them identify qualified community partners and administer their support, they employ “Community Development Officers” like Richard Mauldin.

Richard retired recently, and we were certainly sad to see him go after faithfully serving our job training students for seven years. Richard was a faithful friend of the ministry who patiently taught our students the basics of personal budgeting, savings, credit, and debt.

According to an article in Forbes, “Many experts concur that two of the challenges keeping people underserved, underbanked and underemployed are a lack of digital skills and financial literacy” (Ryan Scott, Forbes, January 7, 2016 [access here]). Scott continues, “Understanding how to make financially responsible decisions and managing one’s credit and debt are skills that are essential to our daily lives, without which people are vulnerable to the kinds of financial predators and poor decisions....” This is especially true of the poor, most of whom are drowning in debt due to poor financial decisions and predatory lenders such as “payday” and “title” loans.

With a renewed commitment, Texas Capital Bank has assigned JJ Ponce to be our new Community Development Officer. JJ is likewise personally committed to serving the poor. Following discussions with our WORK team, JJ is already planning to expand their support to include instruction in “digital banking” through both mobile and online platforms.

Texas Capital Bank has also served our Houston branch and continues to serve our San Antonio affiliate following their spin-off from BridgeBuilders in 2016. In addition to Texas Capital Bank’s “in-kind” contribution of on-site instruction, they have donated more than $152,000 since 2011.

We are grateful for their partnership and their commitment to helping break the cycle of poverty in Dallas. 

You can connect with Texas Capital Bank on LinkedIn by clicking here.