South Dallas Pastor joins BridgeBuilders as Ministry Associate

Rev. Williams teaching catechism with some of the Bonton boys 

Rev. Williams teaching catechism with some of the Bonton boys 

The Reverend James Williams is the Senior Pastor of Starlight Bethel Missionary Baptist Church on Cedar Crest in South Dallas, where he has served for the last 39 years. At 75, Rev. Williams has more energy than most 20-year-olds! Rev. Williams recently joined BridgeBuilders as a valued Ministry Associate to help strengthen our MISSIONS team in Bonton. His duties include: leading evangelism teams; pastoral care in the community, and teaching catechism in our After-School Program.

A Ministry Associate is someone who either volunteers or contracts with BridgeBuilders to provide certain skills and/or services to the ministry. This approach enables us to expand the skill set and expertise of our staff while faithfully stewarding our limited resources.

Rev. Williams first got involved with BridgeBuilders when he was invited to attend Michael Craven’s theology class on Thursday nights in Bonton. After the first class, Rev. Williams—with remarkable humility—said he “wanted to learn more so he could better teach his people.” He’s been faithfully attending ever since and his involvement with BridgeBuilders has grown almost daily. In his words, “this ministry is doing things right!”

We are delighted to have a local pastor of Rev. Williams’ stature serving with us; he has been a blessing to us all and especially the children he serves each day.

How can you “Be the Bridge” between those without hope and Christ? 

If you or your church would like to learn how you can serve to advance the Great Commission in South Dallas and truly alleviate poverty, click to contact Josh Conner, Director of MISSIONS.