BridgeBuilders Prepares Suburban Church to Serve in South Dallas


Last weekend, BridgeBuilders’ awesome Director of MISSIONS, Josh Conner, was invited to train a group of Frisco Bible Church students who will be serving with BridgeBuilders in South Dallas over Spring Break. The students were equipped with a highly effective evangelism and discipleship tool called the “4-1-1.” The 4-1-1 is a simple, biblical, and reproducible tool that answers four questions about disciple-making on one sheet of paper in less than one hour. The four questions are:

•Why do we make disciples?
•Who do we make disciples of?
•What do we say to make a disciple?
•When do we make disciples?

Each of these questions comes with a simple tool to equip the disciple-maker for their work, such as, the Oikos Prayer Map, which helps the new believer think through those in their sphere of influence who are far from Jesus, the 15-second Testimony, a rapid way to engage someone in a spiritual conversation, and the 3 Circles, one of many fantastic evangelism tools used today.

In addition, Josh provided very helpful and necessary insight in the cross-cultural realities of inner-city ministry.

How can you “Be the Bridge” between those without hope and Christ?

Why go half-way around the world when one of the largest “unreached people groups” is right here in South Dallas? If you are interested learning more about “short-term” mission opportunities in South Dallas, contact Josh Conner at