BridgeBuilders Challenges Conventional Notion of Poverty at Movement Day

Movement Day (FB).png

Over the weekend BridgeBuilders was honored to be featured as an expert on poverty alleviation at the annual Movement Day Greater Dallas. Movement Day is a global movement of God to promote city transformation and unity through Christian communities working together. We were well represented on stage by our development director, Sarah Conner, who was able to share BridgeBuilders' approach to alleviating poverty through the gospel. She was able to communicate the idea that poverty is more than a material-economic problem; it is a spiritual-relational problem! As BridgeBuilders, we believe that while jobs are important, they are not the ultimate solution, Jesus is the solution.

Josh Conner, our Director of MISSIONS, and William Lee, Director of WORK, were able to connect with many of the conference attendees at our booth, forming many new relationships and strengthening old ones. We were also excited to hand out the first two volumes of Michael Craven's The Poverty Essays: Making Poverty History and There Should Be No Poor Among You.

We want to send out a special thank you to Movement Day Greater Dallas for inviting us to speak, as well as our fellow panelists, Daniel Prescott of Transformance, and Jon Benson from Redemption Bridge. We look forward to next year!