Empower Gospel-Centered Poverty Alleviation

I need your help.

We began 2018 with a fresh resolve to share the Good News of the Gospel and empower even more individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty.

However, this resolve also requires resources to sustain this ministry. The fact is, our year-end giving fell short of expectations. While we received a record number of gifts, a few large gifts did not come through, as we were hoping, leaving us nearly $300,000 short of our $500,000 goal. So, we need your help!

I want to help by making an online donation today.

In the nearly four years since Mike Fechner’s death, we have faced enormous challenges. Thankfully the Lord has been with us and over the past month we have been sharing the many exciting things that God is doing in and through BridgeBuilders.

However, the Lord does not call us to fulfill this charge alone—we need you, the Church, to stand with us, to pray for us, and to support this mission.

Here are a just few of those stories that demonstrate how your support is helping to carry the gospel into the spiritually darkest parts of our city and empower individuals and families to break the cycle of poverty:

Proclaiming Good News to the Poor

I want to help by making an online donation today. 

Poverty has surely defeated the wealth and power of the United States government but it cannot prevail against the government of our Lord!  It is we, the Church, to whom the keys to the kingdom of God have been given! It is only the gospel that can restore men and women to God, themselves, others, and creation thereby yielding human flourishing (shalom).

Only with your support will we see a growing community of authentic Christ-followers that have been reconciled to God through Christ Jesus who are faithfully living under the rule and reign of King Jesus. This is the only hope for the poor in America and you are an essential part of God’s ministry to the poor in South Dallas.

We need your help so please prayerfully consider giving a gift today! Finally, please pray for our city; pray for the church, and pray for this ministry!

Yours in Christ!

S. Michael Craven