Chamberlain Performing Arts Brings Ballet to Bonton


None of the girls participating in BridgeBuilders KIDS After-School or Sports programs had ever seen a ballet nor were they familiar with this classic form of dance. This void prompted Michael Craven, president of BridgeBuilders, to seek a solution. Michael’s own daughter studied ballet for ten years, beginning at age seven so he saw, first-hand, the benefits of this highly disciplined art form and believed that the girls of Bonton might benefit similarly.  

Through friends of BridgeBuilders, Mike and Michele Morgan, Michael learned that their daughter, Megan Taylor, managed the Releve’ After School Dance program on behalf of Chamberlain Performing Arts.

Started in 1996, through a partnership with the Boys & Girls Clubs of Collin County, Chamberlain Performing Arts established a free After-School Dance Program at the Douglass Community Center in Plano for low-income families. The program was a huge success and expanded in 2006 to include classes in Frisco, McKinney, West Dallas, and now Bonton. These free dance classes have reached approximately 2,285 students ages 6-12 since their inception in 1996. 

Through her parents, Megan learned of our desire to bring ballet to Bonton and she jumped at the opportunity. Since summer of 2017, Megan, on behalf of Chamberlain, has been instructing our girls (between ages 5-11) in the fundamentals of ballet and the result has been astonishing. Not only are these girls discovering new standards of beauty and grace but they’re also learning the value of self-discipline and hard work.

As image bearers of God, we value truth, beauty, and goodness. Ballet is helping to strengthen and refine these God-given standards in the minds of children for whom beauty is often scarce or altogether obscured.