Staff Highlight - Julie Busse

julie - jan 2018.jpg

How long have you been serving at BridgeBuilders? I joined the BridgeBuilders team in August of 2005. I’ve been here since, nearly 13 years.

How did you get involved? I was hired to be the GED instructor at the old Turner Courts.

How are you connecting your education & formal training to making poverty history? I am trained as a special education teacher. That formal training gives me a unique sensitivity to students’ individual needs in our WORK program. I also spent time teaching in inner-city high schools which God used to affirm the call on my life for urban ministry.

What’s your favorite part of serving students in the WORK program? I enjoy seeing the students’ transformation from “lost” to “found.”  When they recognize their value and worth in Christ, there’s nothing like it.  They start dressing differently, looking you in the eye, and that new smile melts your heart!

What makes you come down even on the “hard days?” Seeing a student continuing in her/his Christian walk over many years is what blesses me the most.  If they start the race and maintain the journey despite the trials, then growth occurs. My greatest privilege is to continue to be a mentor and sister to those who I met at BridgeBuilders over the years and be a witness to God’s redeeming grace in their lives.

Any particular life changes you’ve seen in your students that you’d like to share? There are 5 students that stand out whose lives have transformed before our eyes.  All are fully plugged into the local church, employed, restored family units, and finding ways to minister to others.  They stay regularly in contact with the WORK team and are family to us.

What are you reading right now? Good News about Injustice by Gary Haugen. Hearts of Iron, Feet of Clay by Gary Inrig

What is your favorite type of music to listen to  I’m a product of the 70s Christian music scene. Second Chapter of Acts, Keith Green, John Michael Talbot, and Amy Grant. Used to be cassettes, replaced by CDs.  Sorry y'all, I haven’t downloaded these from iTunes yet. 

What’s your favorite meal? Vietnamese egg rolls and hot jasmine tea