BridgeBuilders Releases Second Poverty Essay Booklet

Booklet 2 (FB).png

In an effort to educate Christians on the many facets of poverty; what it is, what it isn’t, and how the gospel can solve it; BridgeBuilders is publishing a series of Poverty Essays, the second of which is now available.

These small booklets, written by S. Michael Craven, are designed to correct the many misconceptions surrounding modern poverty in the U.S. as well as the Church’s role in solving poverty. The first booklet in this series was: Making Poverty History: Why the Gospel Truly is Good News for the Poor. This concise booklet describes the unique social and cultural conditions that foster and sustain poverty, particularly in our inner-city communities. Michael concludes this powerful essay by explaining how the gospel, properly applied and demonstrated, offers the only real remedy for today’s poverty.

The second in this thought-provoking series is: There Should Be No Poor Among You: Why Poverty Alleviation is Not an “Elective” of the Christian Faith. In this potent little book, Michael demonstrates, from the Scriptures, that serving the poor is not an option for the church but rather central to its expression of the gospel. Furthermore, Michael shows that God’s desire that there be no poor among us is an “if – then” statement, meaning: If the church obeys God commandments concerning the poor then there should be no poor among you. It is, according to God’s Word, only because we don’t that the “poor will always be with us.”  

As some of you may know, our president, Michael Craven is a prolific writer and insightful public thought leader. Prior to joining BridgeBuilders, Michael was the president and founder of the Center for Christ & Culture where he worked for more than fourteen years, challenging the spiritual apathy and theological vacuity of the church through serious research, writing, teaching and speaking. His thoughtful commentaries on the intersection of faith and culture reached more than two million readers each week through syndication on,, The Christian Post and numerous other media outlets.

In addition, to Michael’s weekly commentaries and thoughtful essays, he published his critically acclaimed book, Uncompromised Faith: Overcoming Our Culturalized Christianity with NavPress in 2009.

These booklets are free. Order HERE. However, given the volume of requests, we do ask that you consider making a donation to help us cover the cost of postage and handling. If you would like to order a quantity of booklets for your church or small group, please email Josh Conner.