Frisco Bible Church Spends “Spring Break” in Bonton


You might remember our story last month about our MISSIONS Director, Josh Conner, training Frisco Bible Church (FBC) to serve in South Dallas. Well, last week, twenty-five students and leaders from FBC chose to forego the beach and spend their Spring Break serving in Bonton.

On Monday and Tuesday, students helped our KIDS staff prepare Turner Courts for the upcoming renovations being performed by Dallas Housing Authority.

During lunch, students went door-to-door in the community to pray and share the gospel with willing residents. Accompanied by our MISSIONS team, these students were able to enter several homes where they encountered Divine appointments. For example, they met Mary Ann, who suffers from severe health issues. She was grateful for their visit and their prayers; the Lord used these strangers to encourage and strengthen her in the midst of her suffering. They also met a J.W. with whom they discussed his rather unorthodox theological views—a feature not uncommon in Bonton. They were able to kindly offer correction from the Scriptures. All of those that they met with will receive follow up from our MISSIONS team.    

Scheduled to start at 1:00 pm on Monday, students planned to host Vacation Bible School for children in the community. However, at 12:55 there still wasn’t a single child in the building (another feature not uncommon in Bonton)! Seeing a few kids outside, the students went recruiting, inviting them to VBS. Within minutes, word spread and over twenty-five kids soon came through the door. The day was a success and the rest of the week was filled with singing, Bible reading, crafts, and of course, lots of games!

As the week concluded, the students from FBC reflected on their experience. Most notable to them was the response they received from the kids. Thinking they were the ones that would be bringing love to our kids; they left feeling overwhelmed by the love they received from the kids in Bonton (yet another feature not uncommon in Bonton).