Parents of After-School Kids Provide Feedback!


Recently, surveys were distributed to all parents with children in our After-School program and the results were encouraging, to say the least!

A total of 38 parents responded to the survey, which asked eight questions that ranged from, “I feel as if my child receives the homework help needed at BB Kids.” to “BB Kids is a safe and healthy place for my child.” Asked to rate their answers from “Strongly Agree” to “Disagree,” the parents' answers were unanimously “Agree” or “Strongly Agree.”

An area was left for comments and many parents chose to share words of gratitude and/or encouragement. Comments included:

“I love the program. My child loves coming to BridgeBuilders. The staff is so helpful & caring.”
“Thanks for all the support you guys give me and my children!”
“The afterschool program is very friendly & awesome for the kids. I love the compassion that everyone has for the kids. Big shout out to Bird, Coach Shaun, and Kelley! Love you guys!
“Great Program!”
“This place is great for families. I love it and the staff is so great.”

Many of the families that we serve are struggling under the severe pressures of single-parentage and trying to make ends meet. BridgeBuilders’ After-School program provides vital support for those single moms trying to work themselves out of poverty.