BridgeBuilders KIDS Serve in Bonton and Learn Responsibility

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This past week, more than twenty 2nd through 5th-grade students in our After-School program participated in a community-wide service day in Bonton. Students picked up trash and cleaned around the Buckeye Trails Commons apartments adjacent to Turner Courts.

The project began in response to a lesson taught by our own Shaun Grant, Director of BridgeBuilders KIDS, about what happens to our trash. Shaun was able to use recently donated Google Chrome goggles to lead the kids through a virtual reality tour of the waste disposal process in New York City.

In the course of their lesson, the kids began discussing the problem of litter in their own neighborhood. They discovered that while there was a complex process for disposing of trash and recycling; we are responsible for collecting our own trash and litter is the result of neglect and irresponsibility. They began to see that litter indicates a lack of concern for one’s own property or neighborhood and they wanted to show others that they do care by doing something about it. So, they went to work and cleaned up their own community!

This may seem like a small thing but when you live in a community plagued by indifference and the general expectation is for someone else to clean up your neighborhood; this is a counter-cultural action that fosters new values and behaviors.

This is why community service projects like these are part of our year-round children’s programming.

Want to Help?

This is one of our largest areas of opportunity for anyone looking to volunteer in Bonton. These precious children are quick to respond to the loving attention that our volunteers offer and the impact of our volunteers is enormous in the lives of these children.

If you would be interested in serving in our After-School program, click here and someone will contact you to discuss next steps.