BridgeBuilders Making Plans to Relocate WORK Program to South Dallas

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It is abundantly clear that South Dallas is the sector of our city with the greatest concentration of poverty in the DFW Metroplex. In West Dallas, where we are currently headquartered, and our WORK Program is housed, there remain roughly 6500 residents living at or below the poverty line. Meanwhile there are more than 100,000 people living at or below poverty in the neighborhoods south of Interstate 30 and east of Interstate 45, what we commonly refer to as South Dallas.

Given this concentration of suffering, we believe we can be much more effective by being closer to those in need. At present, it requires a 58-minute bus ride from the Bonton neighborhood in South Dallas to reach our offices in West Dallas. This means that for the person wanting to take advantage of our WORK Program, they will spend over an hour commuting each way, adding one more impediment to an already arduous journey to becoming self-sufficient.

At present, we are in discussions with the Dallas Housing Authority (DHA) about the possibility of locating our WORK Program within one or more of their public housing projects within South Dallas. This would afford us the opportunity to reach many more people with our unique approach that has proven so effective in helping the “poor” achieve self-sufficiency. DHA has been a valued partner for years and we are grateful for their commitment to help organizations like ours serve their residents. 

We believe this move could more than double the number of people directly served from roughly 300 to over 600 each year! Hundreds of families could finally transition from dependence to self-sufficiency through work. And, given the fact that we see more people come to faith in Christ through our WORK Program than any other; it would further the advance of God’s kingdom!