After-School Intervention: Building for the Kingdom

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Understanding that the gospel according to the four Gospels is all about how the crucified, risen Jesus is Israel’s promised Messiah through whom God has inaugurated His kingdom on earth; the people of God are those through whom God is establishing His kingdom and renewing the world. This is why we endeavor in those “good works that were prepared beforehand” (see Ephesians 2:10). It is through these good works that the Church (all Christians) bears witness to what life looks like under the rule and reign of God (the kingdom) thereby offering a sign and foretaste of the world to come when Jesus finally delivers the kingdom to the Father (cf. 1 Cor. 15:24).

Under the rule and reign of God, we are to be about setting right all that sin has set wrong, preaching the good news that “our God reigns,” and inviting people everywhere to repent of their sin and enter the kingdom of our God. While we in and of ourselves do not build the kingdom; we are called to build for the kingdom trusting that all of our work in the Lord is not in vain (see 1 Cor. 15:58), meaning God is somehow using our feeble efforts to build His kingdom of peace, righteousness, love and justice.

Our After-School Program exists for this very purpose because under the rule and reign of God, any ignorance that contributes to poverty and suffering among His creatures is a violation of his loving will; it has no place in His kingdom! Thus, we work for the kingdom by providing desperately-needed academic intervention that aims to improve knowledge of God’s world, promote literacy, restore self-confidence, and teach obedience to all that He commands.

You can join us! Bring a group of two to four friends from your church; car-pool together and volunteer in our after-school program to help these at-risk children with their homework and offer much-needed love and encouragement. After-school hours are 3:00-5:00 pm, Monday thru Thursday. Come down once-a-week, every two weeks or once-a-month. Just come with regularity. Go to dinner afterward in nearby Deep Ellum. This is a great service opportunity for a small group wanting a regular and effective ministry to those in need.

To learn more, register online and someone will contact you to discuss specific opportunities, details, and commitment.