Dallas Court Partners with BridgeBuilders to Restore Broken Lives


Dallas County Magistrate Judge Lela Mays, who presides over the Dallas County STAC court, will use every reasonable means at her disposal to help people get their lives back on track and this includes BridgeBuilders’ highly effective Life Skills and WORK training program. As such, Judge Mays refers defendants to BridgeBuilders knowing that they will receive a serious and needed challenge to their former way of thinking. 

The Dallas County S.T.A.C. Court (Successful Treatment of Addiction Through Collaboration) seeks to transform lives and help defendants re-enter society as productive citizens through intensive supervision for defendants on felony probation returning from inpatient treatment for drug or alcohol addiction. The STAC program has served more than 1,600 non-violent drug-abusing offenders since its inception in 2007.

Judge Mays, in speaking about the STAC Program, said, “Programs like this work… Maybe you should give people another chance instead of just locking them up with nothing else.” We agree because many of the more than 300 folks that we see each year desperately need a second chance.

One recent graduate, Linda, a recovering addict, was extremely diffident when she arrived. However, over the course of three weeks, Linda discovered her value as an image bearer of God, contradicting more than three decades of self-deprecation. She said BridgeBuilders was “very excellent in every way!” So enthusiastic was she about her experience that she invited various family members into the training room at the end of the day to meet her classmates and the staff because she wanted them to know who she was “talking about at home.”  

We are excited to see the gospel incorporated into this “second chance” program that aims to restore broken lives.