Ways to Serve: Become an Ally


One of the questions that we are constantly fielding is “I want to help make poverty history. How can I get involved?” We love that question, so we decided to write a short series of posts sharing the different ways that you can serve the poor in our city.

What is an Ally?

It takes more than a job to eliminate poverty. Our students come from all walks of life. Single mothers, ex-offenders, homeless, recovering addicts, veterans, and disabled. They are all desperate for a second chance in life. Our students are coming through our doors from places of chaos and instability. What they are looking for is hope, and more importantly, someone to love them. They are looking for relationships. This is where our allies come in. Allies are people who are willing to bend and extend the love that God has for them towards someone who has rarely if ever, experienced a kind of a love like that. That might sound like a monumental task, but the reality is, it is a simple task with a monumental impact.

What Does an Ally Do?

Allies are volunteers who support students in our WORK program by sharing a meal with them at our South Dallas office once a week for three weeks during the life skills class. Allies offer vital support and encouragement to our students as they navigate the often-turbulent road to self-sufficiency. Focusing on friendship, encouragement, support, godly advice, and prayer—all of which are lacking in most of their present support structures—the ally’s way of serving is through celebrating their student and cheering them on towards graduation and, God willing, long-term employment at one of our many employment partners.

How Do I Become an Ally?

We’re glad you asked! The first thing to do is visit our Ally Training page. Here you will find a more in-depth dive into the Ally Program, as well as everything you will need to begin the process. Once you have watched the training video and filled out your profile form, you will be considered a “potential ally.” We will reach out to you and let you know when the next few classes will be held and see if you are available. If you are, we begin to work on a student match for you. That’s it. The next step is coming down to meet your student!

Next Steps

If this sounds like a ministry opportunity you would like to get involved with, please work through the form on the Ally Training page. Still considering where to serve? Schedule a time to come and see the work BridgeBuilders is doing. We would love to introduce you the team and the community of South Dallas.