BridgeBuilders Partnering with The Root Cause to Deliver Diabetes Prevention and Treatment in Bonton

root cause + BB.png

We are excited to announce a new partnership that will bring the most comprehensive diabetes prevention and treatment program to the residents of Bonton to date.

According to current health data, the Bonton neighborhood has a mortality rate double that of the state average—mostly related to disease—and the prevalence of type 2 diabetes is 45% higher than the average for the city of Dallas. Thus, this large-scale health intervention is not just another “program,” it is an urgent necessity!

This initiative is the result of our new partnership with The Root Cause. Through a relationship, formed while studying at Dallas Theological Seminary, between Parker Dail, Founder and CEO of The Root Cause and Delton de Armas, BridgeBuilders,’ Director of Operations the connection was made, discussions followed, and a common mission emerged.

Parker Dail shared his excitement about this new partnership…

“One thing I love about working alongside BridgeBuilders is the ability to bring a holistic healthcare approach to the residents of Bonton. Not only will people get the physical care they need, they’ll also hear and see the gospel clearly throughout the care process.”

Based on the award-winning Asheville Project, members of The Root Cause developed and tested their proven Diabetes Management Program that implements proven strategies to screen, treat, and more effectively prevent type 2 diabetes.

This innovative program will center around BridgeBuilders’ staff and relationships in the community. We will identify and provide “Community Care Givers” (CCGs). The Root Cause will train these CCGs from Bonton who will facilitate regular face-to-face consultations with patients. Through these CCGs, we will educate patients about type 2 diabetes and The Root Cause team, which includes medical staff, will monitor the progress of disease management through compliance with prescribed medications and suggested lifestyle modifications.

We will be sharing more once the program launches later this summer but this is an exciting development in our mission to the poor in South Dallas!