Serve by Celebrating: BridgeBuilders WORK Graduation Ceremony


WORK Class Graduation Ceremony
Friday, June 15 at 12:00 PM - 1:30 PM
GoodWork, 1808 S. Good Latimer, Dallas, TX 75226
Lunch provided.

Our next WORK class graduation is on Friday, June 15 at noon and we need YOU to join us as we celebrate the accomplishments of our students.

Every five weeks, we have between 5-15 students graduate from our life-skills class. These students come to BridgeBuilders from all sorts of broken backgrounds for one reason: to get their lives restarted in a positive way. “No one dreams of coming to BridgeBuilders,” says William Lee, director of BridgeBuilders WORK, “they come here because they are in need of help.” To finish something like the life-skills class is an enormous accomplishment for our students. We have the opportunity as BridgeBuilders to celebrate with them at graduation. Each ceremony begins with a motivating and encouraging commencement speech from William Lee, a time of testimonies from the graduates, the awarding of certificates of completion, and ends with a time of prayer and lunch courtesy of our amazing friends at Chick-fil-a.

If you’d like to serve these students by celebrating them, RSVP here and join us on Friday, June 15 at noon. The more the merrier. Lunch is provided.