A BIG answer to prayer


challengegrantheader The end of the summer is a challenging financial time for non-profit ministries like BridgeBuilders. Often times, these “dog days” result in a drop in giving, and we have been feeling the weight of that effect.

Every Monday our staff gathers for prayer. Last week’s gathering was particularly powerful as we discussed our complete reliance upon God’s provision in every area of life, personally and certainly as a ministry. Thus, we cried out to God for the provision needed to sustain BridgeBuilders during this challenging time here at the end of the summer.

The next two days were silent, but God in His faithfulness heard our prayer and Thursday we received a gracious challenge grant of $50,000!

So, every dollar you give to BridgeBuilders between now and the end of September will be matched dollar-for-dollar, thanks to this generous gift. There is no better time to give to BridgeBuilders, to help us continue the fight to cure poverty in our city. With another generous gift this morning, we are already 10% of the way there. I am asking you to join us in meeting the needs of this ministry.

To make a one-time gift, or to partner with us monthly, click here or on the donate button below.

Thank you so much for your support and prayers for BridgeBuilders, we are excited to see God move through this gift!

S. Michael Craven, President


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*This challenge grant gift is particularly important right now. Many of you might be asking, "How can we be running low on funds? Didn't BridgeBuilders recently receive a $539,000 grant?" We sure did! And we are excited to invest it in the future of our ministry.

However, these are “restricted” funds. This means that they can only be used for specific programs designated by the foundation. In the case of our recent $539,000 grant, those funds are part of a 3-year grant limited for use in our youth sports program. The crazy truth is that we could have a million dollars in restricted funds in the bank and yet not be able to cover our daily operating costs! (We currently have $685,000 in restricted funds in the bank but we cannot use these funds to cover our general operating expenses such as payroll).

In order for our mission to continue, we must raise the money needed to pay our staff, our bills, etc. Thanks to your partnership in this challenge grant, the ministry will continue to thrive, and our people will have the ability to utilize the funds provided through these generous grants.