Bonton Farms creating buzz


It’s been a busy year so far at Bonton Farms, and the community has taken notice! Check out what’s being said by our team and the media covering us (Click the quote to view the full article)Dallas Morning News “The farm-in-a-food-desert is an evolving project of BridgeBuilders at the southern end of Bexar Street.”

“Where there’s no hope, Babcock said, there’s no creativity. ‘I want to do everything I can to foster that creative spirit,’”

“The Bonton farmers are getting into a flow…Now at the end of Bexar Street in South Dallas: live streaming, on demand.”

“So what else is new down on the farm, past the recently planted trees along Bexar? How goes the challenge of turning lives around, of providing healthy, affordable food and opportunity to a neighborhood recharging after years of decline?”

“Patrick Wright and the other Bonton farmers can now boast of some brave chickens.”

“Bonton Farms, a catalyst for ‘redirecting lives.’”

“Learning as they go and with home-grown labor, they are creating a farm in the ’hood. The audacity.”

“Build up property without building up people, and you’ve made a pretty thing that cannot last.”

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WFAA “The staff at Bonton Farms has been teaching children from the neighborhood how to garden, and about the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables.”

“On the edge of Bonton, a group of workers in the Southern Dallas neighborhood are busy. They are busy making a difference at Bonton Farms.”

Lubbock Avalanche-Journal “Babcock’s intent was to share his business expertise to help people lift themselves out of poverty. But God kept sending people to him who had a greater need, something more urgent than business know-how…”

“This is not an institutional project, but a one-on-one mission to show people how God can take the most dire circumstances and turn them into blessings when his people, who are called by his name, listen and obey.”

Baptist Standard “When you actively build relationships, you build trust. You get invited into people’s lives — into the restoring of broken relationships.”

CBS DFW “It’s not okay to have a community in our city where people are dying because they don’t have healthy food.”