Bringing the community together through sports


Later this month, our director of youth sports, William “Coach P” Pearson, with his organization, Metro Basketball Association, will host a high school basketball tournament, in an effort to promote unity among the people of DFW and law enforcement, military, and civic leaders. From Coach P:

In July of 2015, in response to what we were witnessing in the city of Baltimore, my wife and I felt that we needed to do something to remind people that we have more in common than not. Our desire was just to bring people together. We, along with a few others, put together funding, got the Police Chiefs and hosted a four week varsity basketball league. That’s how our first MBA / B.O.S.S. event was born.

We hosted 36 high school varsity basketball teams from all over the Metroplex. We were able to get the Police Chiefs or Officers from the cities of the schools that were participating to act as “honorary” head coaches. The event was a success with the Police Chiefs, players and coaches.

That was 2015, and little did we know that in 2016 we would have our own moment of truth right here in Dallas. The deaths of five police officers in downtown Dallas during what had been a peaceful protest shook us to our core. Our reality is that it happened here. But our resolve to bring people together has not waivered. We decided to form a non-profit and ask others that feel the way we do to come along side of us to promote unity. We will use sports as the vehicle to bring hope and healing.

DFW is our community. Join us as we work together to protect the legacy of DFW as a place where people work together, where honor, respect, compassion, citizenship and community mean something. We are all “our brother’s keeper,” and our hope is that the MBA/B.O.S.S. continues to provide a platform for community. In the face of adversity our response is to speak out and stand tall for truth. We want to make this year’s event even bigger, bring more people together!!!!

The tournament will feature 30 boys teams, and six girls teams, from across the DFW Metroplex. Once again this year, each team participating will have an "honorary coach," consisting of law enforcement, military, and civic leaders.

Click here for the full statement from Coach P, including the plan for the event, and how to get involved. Join us in supporting Coach P in the effort to bring unity to our communities!