Community Partners

If you follow our stories, you've read about students who go through our life skills and employment training program (like this one from a couple weeks ago). The reason we do this is when you choose the fight we've chosen, you encounter a lot of people who need jobs. But before they can get a job, they need training. After graduation, where do these students go? Completion of our training program brings with it the opportunity to be placed with one of our corporate partners. We are very thankful for these partners, one of which is the Omni Hotel in Downtown Dallas.

Back at the end of January, BridgeBuilders hosted a group of representatives from Omni, to discuss the next phase in our employment partnership, 100 new jobs to be filled in 2016.

30 community partners joined us, to discuss how BridgeBuilders can serve both the needs of the people involved in these organizations, as well as the hiring needs at Omni.

We are thrilled to see these partnerships grow, as we continue to help bring transformation in the lives of our students, including the opportunity to give them the most powerful poverty alleviation tool we have…a job.

If you are interested in our life skills training program, email us by clicking here.