Debrah's Story


God has delivered me. It is God who has brought me through all this. -Debrah

BridgeBuilders recently graduated Class 40 of our Bridges of Hope Life Skills and Employment Training. Six students finished our program, with the potential to be hired by one of our corporate partners.

debrahandjulieOne of those six students is Debrah, who took a long path to find her way to Dallas, and completed BridgeBuilders training as part of the Dallas Life Homeless Ministries program.

Debrah struggled early in life, after abandonment, abuse, and problems with substances. In 2002, she lost a sister, as well as her marriage, driving her further into alcoholism.

“I didn’t want to face that I had a problem,” Debrah says in retrospect. “But when I started losing everything, that’s when I fell on my knees and gave my life to the Lord.”

hopeOnce Debrah gave up substances, God gave her something else in their place: dreams. One such dream drew her to Texas, after a series of challenging living situations.

“It was just before December 2006, I was living in Georgia, and I had been bouncing around family member’s houses, and prayed that I wouldn’t have to go to another family member’s house.”

She was in her house when she heard Dallas Life Homeless Ministries come up on the TV, and “something told me to write down the number.” The same day they received a past-due notice, and an eviction notice came the following day. Debrah was out of options.

Despite her family’s objections, she felt the pull of the Dallas Life ministry, made a phone call, and got on a bus for Dallas. “As long as God is with me, I can do it,” she told her family.

thankfulWhen Debrah arrived at Dallas Life, she started the Back on Your Feet program, which connected her with BridgeBuilders. It is here at BridgeBuilders that she has completed her training and already been hired to work for one of our corporate partners.

“The people here are so awesome, it’s just like a light. It just woke me up. It’s been since 2002 (that I accepted Christ), but I haven’t gone back. BridgeBuilders has been that next step. I’ve been at Dallas Life and had opportunities, but you have to take that step towards it.”

“I am so thankful for the people God has placed here, because they do matter and they do touch hearts. This place was a light, it gave me hope.”

Class 40 with their allies

Pictured above is the graduating class with their allies. Every student working through our training is paired with an ally, someone to provide support as they walk through this transformative process. If you have interest in being an ally, click here to learn a little more.