Exciting Recognition for Bonton Farms


communityrecognition2Bonton Farms’ radical effort to alleviate poverty in South Dallas has received exciting recognition over the course of 2015, including two recent awards given to Daron and the community members at the farm. Patrick, Daron, and Kebe (pictured left to right) were honored to receive, on behalf of the farm, the Greater Dallas Planning Council’s Urban Pioneer Award, back on December 8. The award recognizes “excellence in local urban planning and design”.

This week Bonton Farms was also recognized by the Dallas City Council and Councilwoman Tiffinni A. Young for their service to District 7, receiving a Community Recognition Award.

We are excited to see the hard work of the community members being recognized, as we continue to work on the leading edge of urban ministry. Our continued goal is to provide the environment for transformation in Bonton, through life-on-life relationship building, both on and off the farm.