FAQ: I Got Your Back


Today’s blog is part of a new series on Frequently Asked Questions. Stay tuned as we address some of the common questions asked of us: who BridgeBuilders is, what we do, our history, our future, and more. Today we are talking about I Got Your Back, our annual back-to-school bash and school supply drive, coming up on August 20.

What is “I Got Your Back”?

IGYB is an event geared towards helping parents equip their kids with the necessary materials for getting back in the classroom with confidence coupled with a back-to-school bash to kick off the school year with gusto. It was launched 8 years ago with BridgeBuilders’ co-founder, Velma Mitchell, and her desire to provide school supplies to the kids in the housing projects in Bonton.

Why is IGYB needed?

The average price of school supplies is skyrocketing. In 2014, the average cost to send a student to middle school with a backpack and the necessary school supplies would set someone back over $300.[1] Due to this, many families are unable to provide all the supplies needed for their kids. IGYB steps in the gap so that kids are able to have what they need to succeed in the classroom. This event also helps step in the gap for many teachers who are forced to pay for extra school supplies out of their own pocket in order to provide for kids who are unable to get all the supplies required.

Who benefits from IGYB?

Families in the Bonton community of South Dallas. Participants in BridgeBuilders’ programs. Local school teachers. And all those who get an opportunity to bless this community with what God has blessed them with.

How can you help?

* Volunteer to set up and pack school supply bags. * Serve at I Got Your Back on August 20. * Partner with us financially to cover the cost of backpacks and the back-to-school bash.