Farm Expansion Workday

This past Saturday I was joined by a group of volunteers at the Bonton Farms Extension to begin the process of preparing the ground for our latest urban farm venture. In case you missed it, a recent gift will provide us with a new location for expanded growth and opportunities for Bonton Farms. The 18-acre plot of land is located about 15 minutes southeast of the existing farm. (Check out a recent Dallas Morning News article on the expansion.)

The transformation began Saturday with a hoard of chainsaws, and one particularly helpful Bobcat we nicknamed “The Cavalry.” Preparing the land will be a process, but this was a terrific first step in clearing brush and trees.

It was great working alongside other godly men and women, sweating and chopping trees down. It was woodworking therapy, so to speak. You can see Bonton Farms Extension taking shape, it’s the start of the next chapter in this adventure of growing hope in Bonton and beyond.

We want to extend a huge thank you to those that came and worked the land. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to work with us, in addition to our continued work at the existing Bonton Farms.