Friends of Bonton Farms


BFOne of the most exciting developments at BridgeBuilders in 2015 has been the exponential growth of Bonton Farms. In just over a year, a group of vacant lots has been transformed into a beautiful organic farm, helping provide healthy food options and restoration in the community. Through the gifts and help of many people, the farm is thriving. Time and again we've seen God's miraculous hand at work, from the relationships cultivated at the farm, to the radical gifts that have made our operation possible. And here’s the thing, we believe this is only the beginning!

Today we are launching a new group called the Friends of Bonton Farms. This group is for those that desire to come alongside our effort financially. To check it out, visit

Whether you become a Friend, visit Bonton Farms, work on a Restoration Saturday, or pray for the continued growth of the farm, THANK YOU for partnering with us in growing hope through agricultural intervention.

Farm Progress