Made NEW in Bonton


Most of us share a common location as our physical birthplace, a hospital. Our spiritual birthplace, however, can be as unique as our individual souls. DQ Teague, friend of BridgeBuilders, experienced the birth of his NEW life in Christ during Hoop Church in Bonton. You might say he was reborn or made NEW, court-side!

BridgeBuilders community achievement coach, Vonda Harris, had been helping DQ through some challenging and personal difficulties. Vonda assisted with basic needs such as housing and temporary food assistance as well as helping DQ secure part-time employment that will equip him for future success.

Vonda also encouraged DQ to attend Hoop Church on Monday nights, BridgeBuilders weekly outreach to men in the community. While there, Jonathan Fechner, our Executive Director, and DQ were able to have conversations about faith and salvation. These conversations led to DQ’s NEW life in Christ. He said, “It finally makes sense!” after Jonathan was able to clearly present the gospel message and DQ surrendered his life to Jesus.

We are excited to be a part of DQ’s life, not only by providing program services, but also supporting his growing faith. BridgeBuilders community advocate, Sheldon Norred, will have the privilege of meeting with DQ regularly to walk through the Bible and encourage him in his faith journey. DQ remarked, “I feel new!” after he accepted Christ as his Savior.

God is making all things NEW, and we are witnessing this in Bonton! Won’t you join us?

You can be a part of making new friends in Bonton at our next Adopt The Block on June 15. Contact Sheldon Norred at to register or for more details. In the meantime, join us in praying for DQ and the Bonton community to continue seeking the Lord daily!