More than just a workday


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Serving others changes us

Restoration Saturday. If you follow BridgeBuilders at all, then you might have heard of it. Maybe you have joined us once or more for this monthly event. Maybe you have been interested but just never gotten around to it. Or maybe the thought of working on a farm in the Texas heat makes you want to cry tears of fear and cling to your air conditioner in the comfort of your home. This is a valid fear; I mean, does anyone really enjoy working in 100 degree heat? Well, it may surprise you that people actually do. [pullquote align="right" cite="" link="" color="446aa7“" class="" size=""]Serving...changes the hearts of those that experience it.[/pullquote] No, they are not crazy. But they love the work that God is doing in South Dallas and because of that, the heat doesn’t matter. They have been hooked. That’s what serving does. It changes the hearts of those that experience it. That’s why we send our kids on mission trips, to experience something greater than themselves. It makes an impact in more ways than one.

A glimpse of the Kingdom

Restoration Saturday is more than just a “work day.” People come and find purpose. They meet people who come from completely different backgrounds and some that come from the same. They find community. Community that is real. Community that is vulnerable. And it opens their eyes to a different kind of fellowship—it’s a glimpse of the Kingdom. Now, don’t get me wrong, there is work involved. But there is meaning behind this kind of work that makes it exciting, fulfilling and purposeful. Every weed that is pulled, every plant that is watered is serving and helping those who spend every day working on the farm, those whose lives have been changed by the ability to work there. For those men and woman, it isn’t just work - it’s an opportunity for something better. It restores their dignity, allows them to support their children and families, and by the grace of God, launches them out of the cycle of generational poverty.

We hope that you will consider joining us for the next Restoration Saturday. It occurs every second Saturday of every month so there are plenty of opportunities! It really is a wonderful experience for people of all ages and backgrounds.