Program Highlight: Bridges of Hope


When we came together to name this program, we wanted to reflect the goal of the services H.I.S. BridgeBuilders offers the community. We think Bridges of Hope reflects the exact intention of our heart — connecting an individual with hope from the moment they come in contact with a BridgeBuilder. Hope may look different to each individual that comes in our door. That is why we start the restorative process by treating each client with dignity and respect. We want them to know from the beginning that we see them differently than the world does. From our evaluation we determine which of the following services would take them through the restorative process:

  • HUNGER - do they need to enroll for temporary assistance benefits including SNAP or TANF, which allow them to pay for groceries for their family?
  • CLOTHING – do they need access to a clothes closet managed by our volunteers where they can be outfitted for an interview appropriate outfit?
  • LIFE SKILLS – are they lacking the necessary skills that would help them thrive in their professional or personal life?
  • JOB – are they needing a job? Can we connect them with an employer today?
  • COUNSELING – are they in crisis and needing someone to talk to? Have they experienced recent trauma?
  • PRAYER/CHURCH - our team prays with any individual who is willing to receive it. We also try and connect them with Restoration Community Church of Dallas if they are seeking a church community to plug into.

If individuals are experiencing need in any of these areas, we come up with a service plan that helps them incorporate these services together or as individual services. In 2015, we are currently working on incorporating financial development resources. This will help to establish financial behaviors that set them up for success.

This spring, we were invited and completed the Communities Foundation of Texas Institute where we integrated the services from the Annie E. Casey Foundation’s Working Family Success Model. This proven approach at fighting poverty gives us the insight and services necessary for individuals to become self-sufficient and flourish at home, work, and in their community!

If you want more information about how to get involved with Bridges of Hope contact me at

Sarah Conner is the Director of Programs and HR at H.I.S. BridgeBuilders. Sarah loves to see women be unleashed and equipped to live out their passions for the Kingdom, cheering on her Baylor Bears, and drinking all the coffee. Sarah and her husband are currently in the process of adopting their first child. Follow her adventures on twitter at @jsarahconner.