What We're Reading - January 2016


Why So Many Poverty Alleviation Strategies Fail Poverty stems from the fractured nature of humanity's four foundational relationships with God, self, others, and creation. Most poverty alleviation strategies fail because they focus solely on our relationship to creation, or work. Instead, the Church must focus its efforts on proclaiming the gospel of the kingdom that restores these four fundamental relationships and allows people to flourish as they live and work under the rule and reign of God. What Is the Meaning of Mission in Today’s World? A clear, concise summary of how we should define the mission of the Church. Mission is “everything the church is sent into the world to do.” This includes evangelism, social justice, and even our vocational calling–no matter what career of job you find yourself in. America’s Stubborn Poverty Modern American poverty is not simply lack of access to material resources. It is rooted in a dominate false worldview that keeps people from being able to break out of its grasp. This article highlights some of the policy thinking that is being done to combat poverty, but more importantly, points out some of the statistics proving the strength of this false worldview that leads to the vicious cycle of intergenerational poverty. How do we combat this issue? The author doesn’t suggest a solution, but at BridgeBuilders, we believe that the cure to this enslaving worldview is the gospel of the kingdom. It is only by the entrance of the rule and reign of Christ in our lives and communities that this evil worldview can be destroyed and replaced by God’s kingdom where humanity flourishes.

South Dallas’ Bonton farm ministry is growing Another great article from the Dallas Morning News highlighting the amazing things that God is doing through one of our mission initiatives, Bonton Farms.