September Challenge Grant Update


I am thrilled to announce, thanks to your generosity, we have met our Challenge Grant goal!

As I've mentioned over the past month, the end of the summer is a challenging financial time for non-profit ministries like BridgeBuilders, due to a drop in seasonal giving.

Hopefully you've seen, through email, the blog, or a letter we sent, that at a recent staff prayer gathering we discussed our complete reliance upon God’s provision in every area of life, and cried out to Him for the provision needed to sustain BridgeBuilders. Two days later, we received a gracious challenge grant of $50,000, and YOU have stepped up and met this challenge!

This is only the beginning, I believe, as we must capitalize on this momentum to end 2016 in good standing. Today I am asking you to invest in this ministry, allowing us to work to cure poverty in Dallas. To make a gift, click here or on the button below. As always, thank you for your support of BridgeBuilders!