Springing into the summer months


By now hopefully you have received the letter from me outlining all the wonderful things God is doing in and through BridgeBuilders. We are very excited about the momentum built through the spring, and all that is happening this summer.  (If you didn’t receive the letter, you can click here to read a PDF version)   Summer is an exciting time. School is out, families are on vacation, and we have launched our summer program, which includes many wonderful camps, academic and spiritual development programs, and events. In total, over 80 families have registered their children for our summer program!

But for non-profits, summer is a tough season...   In the case of many non-profits and ministries, this is an especially slow time for giving. Because of this your gift is vital in helping us continue our work. The needs of our clients know no season, so your support allows us to continue to thrive through these months, providing our many programs to those who need them.   You can give a gift today that will make a difference in the lives of these families. Click here or on the button below. We are so thankful for you and your support of BridgeBuilders!

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