A unique gift idea


I have the the same dilemma every year… what do I get my dad for Christmas? I want him to know I care about him and am thoughtful enough to get him a gift, but it always seems to be lackluster. As a teenager, I would get him clothes, which I just ended up taking because I liked them more than he did anyway. There was a gift card phase, which was always nice, but my dad didn’t really need any gift cards. Recently it has been coffee…every single occasion…I get him coffee, because I know at least he’ll drink it, or I will next time I’m at his house (these are beginning to sound self-serving).

Do you have that person in your life? Maybe you always struggle to come up with the right thoughtful gift. Or maybe you just want to show you’re thinking about someone who doesn’t really need anything.

Why not give a gift to BridgeBuilders in their honor?

New this year, when you give a gift to BridgeBuilders in the month of December, you can give in honor of someone else and we will send them a Christmas card and letter from BridgeBuilders.

Your gift goes toward helping alleviate poverty in Dallas, your loved one knows you’re thinking about them, and if they haven’t heard of BridgeBuilders, you’ve just shared about our work in fun and festive way. Win-win-win.

So think about a friend or family member, a neighbor or someone at your church. Can’t think of something to give them for Christmas? Give to BridgeBuilders in their honor and help us continue God’s mission, seeing poverty alleviated in our city.

Click here to visit the year-end giving page, and don’t forget to include where to send the Christmas card!

Merry Christmas!