Unique ways to support BridgeBuilders


Did you know that as a non-profit, BridgeBuilders heavily relies on donations in order to continue our work? Don’t run away just yet, this blog is not us asking you to give, well sort of… Recently we have begun a few unique ways for you to support BridgeBuilders, without writing us a check.

United Way UWMD_LogoThe BridgeBuilders WORK program was recently awarded a grant from the United Way of Metropolitan Dallas. This is great news for our life skills and vocational training, but it is NOT the end of the help we hope to get from United Way.

Receiving this grant also means that we are now a United Way Service Provider. If your company hosts a United Way employee giving campaign, you can now add BridgeBuilders as one of your designations!

Amazon Smile Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 8.31.53 AMYou may have seen us talk about Amazon Smile, but here’s a short refresher. When you shop through BridgeBuilders’ account on Amazon Smile, a small portion of your purchase is given as a donation to BridgeBuilders.

If you shop on Amazon as much as I do (great prices on diapers!), then this is a very simple way to support BridgeBuilders financially, and it won’t cost you any extra money!

To shop Amazon Smile, click here or the icon on the right, and login in to your Amazon account. But be sure and Bookmark the page and shop from Amazon Smile from now on, so BridgeBuilders can continue to receive your support.

So whether you stock up on toilet paper and paper towels online, or give through your employer, thank you for helping us continue to work to cure poverty in our city.