What We're Reading - April


What the Bible Say About Poverty & Work. This great list put together by the wonderful folks at Jobs for Life lays out some of the great Bible passages on poverty, work, and God’s desire for poverty to be abolished among His people. Definitely worth reading and meditating on. Why the Poor Die Young. Habits are contagious within networks of people, leading healthier neighborhoods to live longer; while people living in neighborhoods with unhealthy habits tend to die younger. The author of this article suggests that relocating people from poorer, less healthy areas into healthier, wealthier neighborhoods might transform the relocated’s habits and cause them to live longer.

While we would disagree with the direction of this solutions, the idea behind it sounds close to our hearts. What if, instead of relocating the poor into areas of wealth, Christians decided to move into low-income areas to be the salt and light to that neighborhood? What if the church decided to mobilize 1,000 Christ-followers to move into areas of poverty around Dallas with the good news that Jesus has come and His Kingdom has come with Him? This is what we dream of seeing in our city and around the world.

Did Jesus Oppose Poverty? A provoking article that considers the Christian’s task to alleviate poverty, whether or not Jesus desires for His Church to eliminate poverty, and the true state of modern poverty.