What We're Reading - August


Community and Economic Development: Transforming Our Cities Through LoveA call to eliminate the “broken vending machine” policies that characterize most community development work and seek to build on things that already exist in communities rather than trying to build on what is not.

Mission Muffins: Serving the Poor in a Biblical, Sustainable, and Effective Way The story of Mission Muffins, a business geared towards fighting poverty in a biblical and effective way. Homeless men enter the program and receive life skills and business skills and are then employed to sell muffins to local office buildings. BridgeBuilders does something very similar to this through BridgeBuilders WORK. Here we invite low-income individuals to join us for four weeks of life skills and vocational training, after which, we introduce them to one of our corporate employment partners who has available jobs.

PovertyCure Online Magazine PovertyCure is one of BridgeBuilders’ favorite follows. They produce great content and have the same heart as us for true poverty alleviation. They have just released a new e-magazine with some great articles to read. Check it out!