What We're Reading - March


West Dallas Ministries Rally Around New Resident: A great article from one of our area collaboratives showcasing how powerful it can be when the church and non-profits work together for the good of our neighbors. BridgeBuilders is a ministry partner with Serve West Dallas, alongside 12 other churches and non-profits in the West Dallas area.

Forget The Redistribution of Wealth: Let’s Redistribute Neighborhoods: A fascinating take on breaking the generational cycle of poverty via neighborhood distribution. Although this article shows two different ways of distribution - moving low-income families into affluent neighborhoods and gentrifying low-income neighborhoods - neither of them works in the long run. However, we believe that this line of thought is onto something. What if 1,000 Christians were mobilized to move into South Dallas from the north? What if those people begin to live missionally in their new communities and bridged the gap of social and economic status? This would be the Kingdom of God come into Dallas; where the poor and wealthy of all ethnicities live together under the rule and reign of King Jesus!

America Has an Affordable Housing Crisis: In Texas, it requires 73 hours of work at minimum wage to afford a fair-market priced, one bedroom apartment. This issue is staggering and multi-faceted with no simple solution. Learn more about this and check out the infographic map that shows the minimum amount of minimum wage hours needed to afford a one-bedroom apartment by state.

SPENT: This isn’t an article reading but it is a powerful online simulation that puts you into the life of the working poor. The challenge is to survive one month…doesn’t sound hard but trust us, it is difficult.