What We're Reading - September


How can a city as rich as Dallas be so poor?Exploring solutions to Dallas’ staggering poverty has been going on for years with little to no change. New statistics are telling us that more people are living in poverty in Dallas than there are residents in Plano. Check out this article for more statistics on this huge issue in the life of our city.

Concern for the Poor Involves Considering the True Nature of Poverty Before we seek to apply a cure to poverty, the real root must be discovered. “Poverty,” according to this article, “is a symptom or signal.” While there are many different reasons why a person might be in material poverty, there is only one cause of true poverty: sin. In addressing these issues with the impoverished, we must first practice self-examination to understand that we are in poverty when compared to the fullness of life that is offered by Jesus. Following this, we should realize that the Gospel is the good news that brings restoration to the whole person - spiritual and material. Finally, we are able to address these symptomatic issues such as lack of skills, disasters, and poor decisions.

The Biblical Definition of True Happiness This article explores the different ways the Bible speaks about happiness and how true well-being and flourishing can only occur when a person is in right relationship with God.