Working the new farm

Today's post is Part 3 of an occasional series about the relationship between Bonton Farms and a group of farmers and ranchers from West Texas. Read Part 1 of the series here. Read Part 2 of the series here.

A new farm and a new opportunity to serve for our friends from West Texas.

This past weekend, four semi-truck loads of equipment arrived at the Bonton Farms Extension, the new development for our urban farm, southeast of the current farm.

18 acres have been donated to expand Bonton Farms, not only allowing more food choices for the Bonton food desert, but also the ability to employ more workers and see more transformation.

This acreage has not been farmland any time recently, however, which means we need reinforcements, and once again our friends answered the call.

Giving of their time, resources, and equipment, a group came Thursday night, working through the weekend to help us continue the process of preparing the ground, with the goal of planting this spring.

We continue to marvel at the miraculous at work in Bonton, that a group of men with nothing to gain would give time, use of their equipment, and drive halfway across Texas, all because they want to use the skills God has given them to further His Kingdom.